Automatic Solution Making & Dispensing System

Automatic Solution Making & Dispensing System


Applicability and Features


It is suitable for dispensing liquid drops in the laboratory, which is fast, accurate and reproducible, ensuring the best production efficiency and avoiding high re-dyeing cost due to misoperation.


Recipes dispensing


1. Tubeless, injector aspirating.

2. Design each injector for each dye bottle to avoid cross contamination.

3. No conveyor to transport the bottle tray so that reducing the mechanical failures.

4. Accurate X-Y-Z mechanical arm positioning and fast.

5. Tray of dye cup transported by trolley, and load the tray directly to the drop zone and the dye zone.

6. One-time aspirating can be allocated to more than one dye cup, reducing the round trips times.

7. Each drops enough for 48 recipes, 2 trays for dye cup.

8. The dye bottle stirring automatically, speed, time interval and direction can be controlled.

9. Automatic dispensing system with tracking record for each time of solution addition.

10. The space of dropping can be airtight to avoid the airflow influence the accuracy and dust pollution.


 Solution Making 

. Standard mother liquor blending environment can effectively avoid human error.

2. Connect with computer and synchronize the mother liquid data.

3. Equipped with a cold and hot water tank, can be set the water under different temperatures and dispensing steps according to the type of dye.

4. Automatically calibrate the balance to ensure the system accuracy by the dosing software.

5. Warning of expired mother liquid to avoid misuse.

6. Equip with 6 positions of bottles which with function of adjust the strong stir machine independently.




1. Windows 7 or above software operation system.

2. Solution inventory management (including service-life and stock level).

3. Recipe management (including multiple drop test of formulas, import and export recipe treatment).

4. Task queuing, including function of urgent recipe priority configuration.

5. Recipe correction tracking, providing the tracking of the whole color mixing process.

6. Diagnosis of error logs to indicate potential problems.

7. Real-time system operation status display.

8. Connect with X-rite iMatch software and transmit the recipe to the dropping device.

9. Reserve the transmission interface of sample dyeing machine to sending dyeing process instructions.

Automatic Solution Making & Dispensing System
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